Martha C. Mendenhall - Writer/Director/Teacher

I am a director, teacher and writer with nearly twenty years of experience creating/developing original performance projects and teaching/directing the works of Shakespeare.  I have directed students and professionals, created and led workshops on Shakespeare for teachers and students, and led classes on developing original scripts and physical material for actors -- both professional and non. 
I'm always interested in a new challenge --  whether it be assisting English teachers in bringing the PLAY back to their classroom work with Shakespeare, or mentoring young actors and theatre companies in creating original performance. Writing original scripts for theater/film/tv/new media and adapting Shakespeare's plays to shorter formats are all newer ventures that are particularly close to my heart.
If you have comments/questions or would like to instigate a collaboration or workshop, please contact me!
"I have no fear of making changes or destroying the image, because the painting has a life of its own." Jackson Pollock
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